Claremont is the old hometown for Erin & Jon, and while growing up in a small town (11 square miles and holding a population of 32,503 according to the 1990 census) they found favorite shops, places to eat, and spaces to just hang out (or not).

The hippie-filled college town influenced Erin & Jon in vast and mysterious ways...

Erin attended the Chaparral Elementary School up (and on the same side of) the street from Casa Sweeney. The school's mascot, a roadrunner, inspired her to race around like the fast cartoon character, beeping all the while. And, when not watching the aftermath of Ronald Reagan getting shot, she often beat the boys at handball.

Growing up, Jon watched knights do battle in the park and had teachers who sat in trees playing guitar. He also made movies about boys being wisked away by a giant wind (The Wind), aliens taking over the world (Program Genisis), the horror of war, and one about factory safety. (Jolly Roger Saftey Film) among others.

Once they got to El Roble Junior High, Erin's and Jon's worlds began to expand. Little did they know what was in store for them when they first met in Coach McCarthy's swim class... especially Erin. One of the strongest impressions Jon left on young Erin was a kick to the jaw in swim class that took her to the doctor with some fear of a broken jaw. Jon's only scarring is just that, a scar left by Erin in one of their dunking "fights."

Their paths later crossed at Claremont High School. Jon was dark and mysterious (at least in his own mind) or running around barefoot being a hippie. Most of his time was spent in theater or exploring the foothills above Claremont. When not in the college library researching papers, Erin could be found in the dance studio training for her Royal Academy of Dance examinations. She also filled her time by writing for and editing some of the school newspaper. Erin even tried her luck one year with the high jump (no kidding!). On occasion, Erin and Jon would see each other in the halls, and flirt in passing.

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